7 Herbs, Plants and Teachers February 26


These are the herbal subjects that make my heart sing. I can talk about plain, ordinary, important household herbs, but I love the esoteric depths of herbalism so we are going to talk about the shamanic path—the Old, Old Path—the Wisdom of Nature, the Speech of Nature (which is how not to talk and think like an invader), and always of course the doctrine of signatures. Including plant attunements. Easter Lily, Yerba Santa, Iris, Wormwood, Black Cohosh, Lady’s Slipper, and other remedies: California Bay Laurel, Lady’s Mantle, Goldenrod, Angelica, Solomon’s Seal, Tarragon, and many more.

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Seven Herbs, Plants as Teachers

Shamanic Herbalism, the Speech & Wisdom of Nature,
& the Doctrine of Signatures

by Matthew Wood

Sunday Afternoon
February 26

1:00pm to 4:00pm