Day 1 – Discovery



Saturday, August 24​
9:30am to 5:30pm​

Our creative self is often buried under layers of learned behavior’s, habits and patterns. We look at these patterns through the lens of archetypes. Archetypes give shape and form to different styles of energy, which makes it easier to understand and work with them.

Knowledge of the archetypal realm can give us insight into our unconscious behaviour – both the survival fears of our ego and the unique desires of our soul.

We go through seven archetypal patterns that relate to our seven chakras and the seven blocks we build in our attempt to slow the energy down so that we can maintain the illusion of control. The way we relate to these archetypes was laid down in the past but has a huge impact on our present behaviour.
Once our blocks are understood, we have a better internal blueprint to navigate by.

Cost: (Day One only): $196
Cost: 2-day Workshop: $350