2 Days – Discovery & Healing



Our methodical minds are too slow to cope with the ever-increasing speed at which the world is turning. We have an epidemic in stress, anxiety and depression. Exhaustion is the order of the day.

The answer lies in accessing our inner creative flow. Doing this reduces our reliance on adrenaline and increases our intuitive decision-making capabilities. Instead of trying to control life we can learn to flow with it, which is a far more sustainable option in our current fast-changing world.

Achieving creative freedom is both easy and difficult!

Easy – because it just requires our mind to focus (on what we want to create) while our hearts deliver the necessary passion (to see it through).
Difficult – because our minds are beset by hundreds of distractions that pull our focus in many different directions, while our hearts deal with past hurts, heartbreaks and humiliations.

It is our life purpose to receive ideas from the invisible world and express them in the physical one.

However, since birth we’ve been conditioned…
We swapped our creative thinking for survival thinking, which hampers our imagination. We created defenses around our heart, which makes becoming an open conduit tricky.

Most of us were raised to tune out our instincts and tune in to other people. We learnt to people please and impress. We want our creative expression to bring the praise and validation we crave. But creativity isn’t something we acquire or control, it’s an energy that comes through us, if we learn to flow with it.

Our need to control means we lose an aspect of our authentic creativity, which is a shame because expressing that in the world is our greatest joy. When we’re in control and disconnected from our intuition, we must rely on adrenaline, willpower and hard work. This makes decision making stressful and leads to anxiety, burnout or depression.