The Inner Vision Institute (TIVI)

is a non-profit organization whose goal is to foster the preservation of traditional indigenous wisdom, values, and healing knowledge to benefit individuals and the community.

TIVI’s programs and training are uniquely suited to help people overcome emotional, physical and behavioral barriers to their growth and physical well being. Thru an experiential learning process, one learns through doing which deeply ingrains the new experience in the DNA, mental and nervous system pathways, allowing for positive spiritual growth and development.

Tivi is committed to assisting people recognize the special gifts each one of us has and empowering them to participate in their own healing, whether that be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

In addition to the workshop, classes, healing sessions and ceremonies, people can also come to the center to experience our wisdom library & grounds. The library houses a wide variety of books, tapes, and videos on various indigenous knowledge. Spend time walking an ancient labyrinth. Walk in the organic gardens learning about ancient food practices and land management principles. Bathe in healing waters. Each section of the grounds provides a peaceful, meditative environment to further your learning experience. 

Our Programs

Elders Wisdom Series

Elders from various indigenous cultures share their knowledge of how to live on the earth in a respectful way so that all people can live in harmony.

Indigenous Healing

Our ancestors knew that emotional, physical and behavioral patterns are held in our tissues and in our energy fields, and pattern or shape our bodies, and our lives. This energy can manifest as illness, pain, limiting beliefs, and charged emotions that are not part of who we really are.

Herbal Wisdom Series

Plants and herbs are essential to indigenous healing. Herbal training provides you with a sound knowledge of how to utilize herbs and plants for cleansing and healing.

Integrated Energy Medicine

Many modern holistic practices are based in traditional indigenous wisdom principles. TIVI offers a variety of complementary services to assist you in your healing.

Women's & Men's
Wisdom Series

Explore the various issues Women and Men experience as they move through life’s various stages and how those cycles profoundly impact the ways they are able to achieve their goals.

Youth Camp

TIVI offers a non-residential camp where underserved youth are exposed to traditional values and spiritual concepts, as well as traditional arts and crafts, games and more.

The Inner Vision Institute is a federally-recognized non-profit organization. Your kind donations help underwrite programs to foster the preservation and sharing of indigenous wisdom from all cultures. Blessings, and Thank You!

At our grand opening ceremony we honored the four sacred directions with sacred blessings from elders of the East, South, West and North traditions. View the grand opening ceremony here.

Our Programs

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