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About Mark Sciscenti

Mark has been a professional chocolate historian, alchemist for almost 20 years. He has created historic chocolate drinking elixirs and has been giving lectures and presentations on the history of chocolate since 2002. Mark grew up in the American Southwest, a place where ceremony and ritual is part of the land and culture. He began offering shamanic cacao ceremonies in 2004 after being guided to bring forward the ancient spiritual essence of the Cacao Plant Spirit & Chocolate Goddess. His long-term experience of energy medicine/cleansing healing work, and a deep study of herbal plant spirit medicine are combined in his cacao healing ceremonies.

Fall Equinox Cacao Ceremony

with a local chocolate historian Mark Sciscenti

September 22, 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Cacao has long been considered a “Food of the Gods”. Cacao’s medicine is rich, deep, clarifying, blissful and has been called “truth serum” for the heart.

Cacao offers connection between our human world and Mother Earth, the spiritual realms and the cosmos, our inner being and our higher selves. She manifests in many forms for healing, connection, and nurturance. She is multi-dimensional and appears as both the living cacao plant spirit and the Cacao Goddess. Through her medicine and magical heartbeat flows the blood of her living presence and embodiment of her pure spirit.

Experiencing the energy of Cacao can lead to a beneficial dynamic that helps people become more fully present, awaken their inner senses and liberate their spirit to experience feelings of connection, peace and love.

We will begin with a short history of Cacao, its use throughout history and which parts of the plant are used for medicine. The ceremony includes drinking 100% Puro Chocolate y Agua and Cacao Hydrosol, along with a guided meditation, movement to music, and a shamanic style journey into the Spirit Realms of the Cacao Plant Spirit and Chocolate Goddess. This is a fully immersive journey containing many elements to facilitate receiving guidance from the Helping & Compassionate Spirits. Participants will be anointed with a special Cacao Spirit essential oil. There will be time for sharing and/or journaling to integrate and catalyze the experience. We encourage you to bring any objects you hold dear to your heart for 
blessings on the Cacao altar to become infused that will then be taken to your home altars.

Cost: $75 
Please bring a pot luck dish to share after the ceremony. Cacao anointing oil and hydrosol will be available for an additional fee after the ceremony. 

Elders from various indigenous cultures share their knowledge of how to live on the earth in a respectful way so that all people can live in harmony. The program consists of lectures, workshops, and opportunities for one-on-one mentoring in nature.

Learn ancient ways of connecting with the earth, herbs, plants and natural elements and their uses for healing.

Stay Tuned for Upcoming Elder Wisdom Series workshops.

Australian Aboriginal Elders Auntie Irene and Senior Man Bonny will be coming out again soon along with Mauri elders and dancers to conduct a ceremony to initiate the West.

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