Gianni Crow

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Introduction into the Mayan Consciousness

by Gianni Crow

March 4

1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

This class explores why the Mayan people celebrate each day working to live harmoniously within themselves, creation, and the universe. Why it’s vital each of us understand the waves we make, strive to serve our true purpose, and walk honorably respecting all that exists because of its unique purpose. We will look at Mayan “tools” available to assist us (each day’s purpose, our tone (number), our vibrational sound, animals and minerals connected to our individual Nahual (spirit). We will look at the Mayan creation story, where universes and their interactions are written in the stars and reflected in the Mayan calendar (which or course did not end in 2012). We will discuss why this concept is misleading and show how the calendar is a guidepost/wheel of time and touch on the 4-5 continuously moving calendar wheels. We will do an opening ceremony to welcome the spirits and guides.

If you are signing up for the series, please bring your birth date & year and time of birth to the first class as we will be utilizing this in classes 2-4 as part of the experiential learning experience.

The Wheel of Nahuales

by Gianni Crow

Saturday March 11

5:30pm - 9:30pm

In this class we address the Mayan’s believe that each individual is born at a specific time and place in space, have a unique purpose/function in this world, and have a powerful spiritual support system. We will go over what each of the days mean, and the meaning of the 20 Nahuals. We will calculate your personal Nahual, tone, element and day, and you will learn how to work with yours and the Nahaules of each day to enjoy a rewarding life of integrity.

How to Navigate the World with the Nahuales

by Gianni Crow

Saturday, March 18

1:00pm to 5:00pm

We will explore the Mayan concept that addresses the Dream of the Planet through the theater of humanities interplay. We will discuss the Mayan view of becoming a master dreamer and traveller in this reality, and our personal role in that based on our Nahual.

Jade, Obsidian, Turquoise, Quartz; Sacred Connection

by Gianni Crow

Saturday, March 25

1:00pm to 5:00pm
Mayan cosmology includes Earth tools, rituals and ceremonies. As with many indigenous people, planetary elements represent many connective and sacred alliances. Learn about the symbolic, sacred, and mystical properties associated with Jade, Obsidian, Turquoise, and Quartz. These are the gifts from the eldest of all elders to help the people on Earth. We will do a closing ceremony to thank the spirits and guides.

About the Teacher

Gianni Crow

Gianni is a Mayan Aj q’ij (traditional healer). He was raised by his Apache medicine-man grandfather and his Ki che grandmother (a hereditary wisdom keeper) in Guatemala’s western highlands where ancient teachings were passed down through storytelling, pictorial writings, songs, counselling, chants, herbal remedies, working with dreams, prayer, isolation, and meditation.

Gianni’s lifepath is to keep sacred the knowledge and wisdom of his ancestors. He shares his cultural knowledge to support the integrity and growth of an individual working synergistically with nature, while consciously weaving the reality of a person’s Nahual (spirit) to help them understand their individual lineage, heritage, ancestral guidance, and the messaging of their dreams, to assist their spiritual growth and development. Marrying the ancient ways with the modern world, he shares ancestral wisdom through workshops, lectures, social media writings, and utilizing his artistic and spiritual gifts to create healing truth in the world around him.

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Elders from various indigenous cultures share their knowledge of how to live on the earth in a respectful way so that all people can live in harmony. The program consists of lectures, workshops, and opportunities for one-on-one mentoring in nature.

Learn ancient ways of connecting with the earth, herbs, plants and natural elements and their uses for healing.

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Australian Aboriginal Elders Auntie Irene and Senior Man Bonny will be coming out again soon along with Mauri elders and dancers to conduct a ceremony to initiate the West.