What People Are Saying About TIVI

“The historical, cultural, and special role of Indigenous healing is  becoming extinct. Bonafide medicine men/women are an endangered species. The use of natural powers for healing is centuries old and has proved to be highly effective. TIVI provides an environment where people come to learn these ways so they don’t get lost to time.

Medicine Grizzly Bear Lake,
Traditional Native Healer
Mt. Shasta, CA

“Marilyn is kind and generous. Her gifts are potent and her training is extensive. I feel deeply held in Marilyn’s space, nurtured and heard. She is a true healer and walks in a sacred way, with integrity. Marilyn listens deeply and helps facilitate resolutions at the soul level. She is a treasure beyond measure. The space she has created for her healing center is powerful. I feel safe, connected to nature and myself because of our experiences together.”

Amy Doublet
Somatic Experiencing Practitioner

“Marilyn Snyder has over 30 years of extensive training and experience in a vast array of healing modalities – however, in my sessions with her, what I have appreciated most deeply is her receptivity.  She has been an ‘open book’ to receive guidance from spirits in my Sikh tradition that have given me access to some long-buried ‘treasures’ of grief that impact my physical, mental, and emotional wellness today.  I am happy to recommend Marilyn, as a conscious, wise, kind, caring, gifted human being and healer.”

Sangeet Kaur Khalsa
Speech-language Pathologist, Recording Artist, 

Gurbani Kirtan Ragi, Voice and Gurmukhi Coach

“The energy that emanates from her during her trance state felt serene and genuine. Her information was accurate and most helpful, and Marilyn delivered it with sensitivity and discretion. During my session she felt moved to conduct a guided meditation focusing on the cells in my body; it felt like an internal cleansing which left me feeling rejuvenated. I look forward to my next reading.”

Malina Feder, Sedona, AZ
Lomi Lomi Practitioner

“This is a journey that Marilyn Snyder set me on with plant spirit medicine. I’m steeped in both plant medicine and plant spirit meditation, but through Marilyn, I was guided into a deeper journey in a way I’ve not encountered before. Marilyn trained under a traditional healer for many years and this becomes clear during the process while working with her and her intuitive teachings. Under her watchful spirit, she gave me ‘homework’ and prepared me to work with Bay Laurel in the most receptive and reverent way. Each person’s journey may bring them to work with a different plant or other process so I won’t describe my specific experience here with this plant, but if you’re looking for profound support for a long-held block, Marilyn is a gift. Thank you Marilyn.”

Kim Hudson, Owner

“The two indigenous healings I received from Marilyn Snyder were two of the most potent and clear healings I’ve ever received. After praying intensely from experiencing a health crisis, she was the person whom I  felt strongly guided to for help. Her healings addressed some of the deepest seated traumas and imbalances within me and allowed them to be purged from me and removed. I had incredibly profound and strong breakthroughs that have immensely helped my health since and continue to.

I have had many different healings in my life, and this is by far one of the most profound. It allowed me to reconnect and address a childhood trauma I had not been aware of previously but was causing immense imbalance in my life among much else. Her healing went straight to the root of my health problems. I trust and am in awe of Marilyn”s clairvoyance and  ability to perceive my life experiences as well. Without even sharing with her my life’s story but with full permission, she was able to perceive precise details of things I have experienced in my life that have caused trauma and was able to address them directly within her healings.

Her ability to be in tune with and act intuitively with what to address and how to address it is an expertise I was thoroughly impressed by. I felt entirely seen on a soul level as well from her abilities and I am grateful for her wisdom and guidance as well. Her kindness, compassion, and peacefulness are both comforting  and a great honor to experience. She communicated to me practices and information that are still helping and guiding me to this day. All around I cannot recommend her indigenous healings more and I feel incredibly blessed and  grateful beyond words to have received them. If you are considering and feel called to receive an indigenous healing from Marilyn, go for it!”

Christina Crystal Rebbe