Indigenous Healing

Offers a way to recover your essential experience…

the inner peaceful space… so you can live wisdom & truth in your body and your heart 

we are more than our bodies,

more than our minds…

 Envision New Possibilities

Our ancestors knew that emotional, physical and behavioral patterns are held in our tissues and in our energy fields, and pattern or shape our bodies, and our lives. They knew the energy we take on creates who we are. Energy that at one time may have been useful, but over time no longer serves a positive function, and can in fact be so far removed from its essence that it has become harmful. This energy can manifest as illness, pain, limiting beliefs, and charged emotions that are not part of who we really are.

The Journey Inward

Our work at The Inner Vision Institute (TIVI) is to assist you learn ancient healing wisdom so you can identify and work to clear physical, emotional and behavioral patterns at their source providing health, stress reduction, deep relaxation, pain relief, and profound spiritual and personal change in a safe and sacred environment.

Bring about positive change 

  • Expand spiritual awareness
  • Develop creative potential
  • Access courage to heal the heart
  • Prepare the body for life passages
  • Learn tools to create the life you want

All ceremonies and healing work are done in a traditional manner and on a donation basis. The work involves a recognition of cause and effect and making atonement, followed by hands-on energy work to clear the physical and energetic layers of the body. TIVI offers Healing Sessions, Traditional Purification Ceremonies, Women’s Moontime Ceremonies, Relationship Release  Ceremonies, Soul Retrieval, and other ceremonies depending on the individual’s situation and need.

There is an onsite healer trained in the old indigenous ways of doing healing ceremonies.

Call 505-747-0741 to make an appointment.