About TIVI

TIVI’s programs and training are uniquely suited to helping people overcome emotional, physical and behavioral barriers to their growth and physical well being. Thru an experiential learning process, one learns through doing, not by reading a book or talking a class on the Internet. This deeply ingrains the new experience in the DNA and mental pathways allowing for positive spiritual growth and development.

TIVI is committed to assisting people recognize the special gifts each one of us has and empowering them to participate in their own healing, whether that be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

In addition to the workshop, classes, healing sessions and ceremonies, people can also come to the center to experience our wisdom library & grounds. The library houses a wide variety of books, tapes, and videos on various indigenous knowledge. Spend time walking an ancient labyrinth. Explore the medicine wheel and vision quest chamber. Walk in the organic gardens learning about ancient food practices and land management principles. Bathe in healing waters. Each section of the grounds provides a peaceful, meditative environment to further your learning experience.