About Eleanor O’Rourke

Eleanor has over thirty years’ experience in a variety of modalities including NLP, Psychology of Vision and is a certified archetype consultant trained by Caroline Myss. She is the author of four books on various aspects of the creative process.

Eleanor is passionate about awakening people to their own creative spirit, while at the same time debunking many of the old concepts around creativity – e.g. that it is an exclusive gift available to a few special individuals, or that it only applies to a narrow niche of career e.g. advertising, media or interior design. She believes everyone has a creative spirit, but many have lost touch with this aspect of themselves – either through willingness to conform, desire for validation or fear of vulnerability.

Eleanor began her career as a road manager in the music business. Working with a team of creative people gave her insight into the way creative energy works. When it flows well there is synchronicity, brilliance and even genius. When it doesn’t flow, there is stress, drama and burn out.

She then went on to run a successful marketing company, doing product launches and sales promotion for corporate clients. Here she observed the way creative energy dissipates in more process led, risk-averse businesses.

She now helps individuals work thru learned behaviors, habits and patterns to create a life that brings them deep happiness and joy.

How to Start Something New
& Trust in the Magic of New Beginnings.

A two-day workshop with Eleanor O’Rourke

Discover how to:
  • Liberate yourself from patterns that have authority over you (aka bad spells).
  • Overcome decision paralysis so you can be confident in your creative choices.
  • Learn to access states of Flow.

Our methodical minds are too slow to cope with the ever-increasing speed at which the world is turning. We have an epidemic in stress, anxiety and depression. Exhaustion is the order of the day.

The answer lies in accessing our inner creative flow. Doing this reduces our reliance on adrenaline and increases our intuitive decision-making capabilities. Instead of trying to control life we can learn to flow with it, which is a far more sustainable option in our current fast-changing world.

Achieving creative freedom is both easy and difficult!

Easy – because it just requires our mind to focus (on what we want to create) while our hearts deliver the necessary passion (to see it through).

Difficult – because our minds are beset by hundreds of distractions that pull our focus in many different directions, while our hearts deal with past hurts, heartbreaks and humiliations.

It is our life purpose to receive ideas from the invisible world and express them in the physical one.

However, since birth we’ve been conditioned…

We swapped our creative thinking for survival thinking, which hampers our imagination. We created defenses around our heart, which makes becoming an open conduit tricky.

Most of us were raised to tune out our instincts and tune in to other people. We learnt to people please and impress. We want our creative expression to bring the praise and validation we crave. But creativity isn’t something we acquire or control, it’s an energy that comes through us, if we learn to flow with it.

Our need to control means we lose an aspect of our authentic creativity, which is a shame because expressing that in the world is our greatest joy. When we’re in control and disconnected from our intuition, we must rely on adrenaline, willpower and hard work. This makes decision making stressful and leads to anxiety, burnout or depression.

Space is limited, and pre-registration is required.
To register, click on links below or call TIVI at 505-747-0741.

Day 1: Discovery

Saturday, August 24

9:30am to 5:30pm

Our creative self is often buried under layers of learned behavior’s, habits and patterns. We look at these patterns through the lens of archetypes. Archetypes give shape and form to different styles of energy, which makes it easier to understand and work with them.

Knowledge of the archetypal realm can give us insight into our unconscious behaviour – both the survival fears of our ego and the unique desires of our soul.

We go through seven archetypal patterns that relate to our seven chakras and the seven blocks we build in our attempt to slow the energy down so that we can maintain the illusion of control. The way we relate to these archetypes was laid down in the past but has a huge impact on our present behaviour.

Once our blocks are understood, we have a better internal blueprint to navigate by.

Cost: (Day One only): $196
Cost: 2-day Workshop: $350

Day 2: Healing

Sunday, August 25

9:30am to 5:30pm

Many of our creative blocks are built over the wounds of childhood fears or trauma. This is where we meet our shadow archetypes – aspects of ourselves that we’ve deemed unlovable and have relegated to the underworld.

In order to open and expand our channel so that we can contain more creative energy we need to heal our past heartbreaks, hurts and humiliations. We do this through a constellation process. Shadow archetypes are liberated and brought into the light where they can be loved and integrated back into the self. When these lost aspects of ourselves are welcomed back, we feel more whole, more authentic and more able to vessel the high voltage energy of creative Flow.

We write a new story for the life we want to move into, based on a different blueprint, one which allows us to make creative decisions without becoming derailed by emotional triggers from the past.

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