Pulse, Tongue & Facial Evaluation February 13


This class is intended for those who seek to be professionals in the field of herbalism, acupuncture, or feel a need to pursue education in holistic evaluation. We will look at tongues and faces of ourselves, and guests that want a ‘free evaluation’ and pictures. We will take pulses, learning the basic system taught in Chinese medicine, plus some of the pulses used in Greek medicine. Matthew Wood studied pulse diagnosis at the California School of Acupuncture, and has been practicing for over thirty years. He is the author of Traditional Western Pulse Evaluation, with Francis Bonaldo and Phyllis Light—book recommended but not required (we can order several at the same time).

2.5 hours. Minimum class size: 3, but Volunteers welcome for evaluation.



Pulse, Tongue, Facial Evaluation
& Pulse Testing of Remedies

by Matthew Wood

February 13

6:30pm to 9:00pm