Herbs For The Spirit


There are times when the world can feel like too much. Times when our resilience and stamina have taken a hit. Times when one more thing feels like it will tip the scale. Whether stemming from the current political climate, stress from home or work, relationship challenges, adulting or pivotal life passages the result is the same. Feelings of uncertainty, fear, shock, trauma, anger, disbelief, confusion and apathy can arise which can leave us feeling a little shaky or unstable. Herbs are wonderful allies for these times. Come join us & sip a cup of tea while Judy reviews herbs that can assist and ease stress & overwhelm, lift our moods, help us relax and relieve anxiety. Teas, tinctures, hydrosols, essential oils and flower essences will be experienced and shared.

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March 27th  6-9 pm

Cost: $45