The Immune System & Immune Remedies


The immune system of the human race is being assaulted, first by toxins in our food and environment that have been with us for 50 plus years, then by pharmaceutical drugs and their ‘side-effects,’ medicine based on symptom-suppression, and finally by covid and the vaccinations, both of which have been ‘not nice.’ The only good thing I can see in the events of the past two years is that our understanding of the immune system has increased, just as it did when HIV AIDS was rampaging. Now we are coming to understand the innate immune system and the acquired Immune system, how they differ, what effect toxins, disease, and vaccines have upon them, and what to do for treatment.

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The Immune System & Immune Remedies

Necessary Study for Our Time

by Matthew Wood

Saturday, February 25

1:00pm to 5:00pm